Frequently Asked Questions

You want to learn more? Find the most frequent questions about WinsenRad here.

Tariffs and conditions

How can I enjoy special conditions through cooperations?

Linking with partners to enjoy special conditions like discount rates can be done either through the partner selection in the customer account or by registering with a specific work email address. How exactly a link is made can be read on the price or partner page.

What conditions do I get with the “Vorteilstarif” (discount rates)?

With the “Vorteilstarif” (available as monthly or annual rate) the first 30 minutes of each trip are included. Each additional half hour is chargeable. The “Vorteilstarif” is only valid for the first bike, if you rent more than one bike at the same time.

How can I cancel a monthly or annual rate?

Monthly rates end automatically after 31 days. Annual rates are automatically renewed if not cancelled 4 weeks before expiration. The cancellation can be done via app, by email to or by mail (nextbike GmbH, Erich-Zeigner-Allee 69-73, D-04229 Leipzig). To process your cancellation of a tariff by email or mail, we need your name and the phone number that is linked to your customer account.

How much does WinsenRad cost and what tariffs are available?

For WinsenRad we offer the basic rate for occasional trips. In addition, we offer monthly and annual rates, through which the first half hour per rental is included. Discount rates („Vorteilstarife“), i.e. discounted monthly or annual rates, are also available. Monthly rates end after 31 days if not renewed before.

Rent, park and return

Can I rent several bikes parallely with one customer account?

You can rent up to four bikes at a time using one customer account. Booked tariffs and special conditions usually only apply to the first bike. In exceptional cases we offer you the possibility to rent up to seven bikes at the same time, please contact our customer service.

Where can I rent bikes with my nextbike account?

With your nextbike account you can use almost all nextbike affiliated bike sharing systems worldwide. However, for some systems a second registration in the respective system is necessary. This applies to the MVG-Rad Munich, VAG_Rad Nuremberg, Mol Bubi Budapest / Hungary, Sitycleta / Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Bilbaobizi in Bilbao / Spain. In some systems, bikes can be rented without re-registration, but only via the local app. This applies to Veturilo Warsaw / Poland, among others.

What happens if I return my bike away from an official station?

If you leave your bike off the official station without permission, you will be charged a service fee of at least 20 €, for cargobikes at least 40 €. For more information on service fees, please refer to the pricings on the website.

The frame lock does not open. What shall I do?

First check whether a spoke is blocking the lock by turning the rear wheel slightly. Then open it again via the app.

If the frame lock does not open even after another attempt to open it via the app, our system automatically detects this after three minutes and cancels the rental. No costs will apply. Please check the cancellation in your app and contact our customer service if it is still active after three minutes.

What is the maximum load of the bikes?

The maximum payload of our bikes is 100 kg, of which a maximum of 10 kg may be transported in the basket.

The maximum load for our cargo bikes can be found on the corresponding stickers in the transport boxes of the bikes.

Can I rent WinsenRad without an app or without an internet-enabled mobile phone?

Yes. Bikes can alternatively be rented and returned via the hotline +49 (0) 341-39283965.

Where can I return my WinsenRad?

The bikes may only be returned to official stations. You can easily see where the next station is located on the location map in your nextbike app.

The frame lock does not close. What shall I do?

Please inform our customer service immediately by phone or via the support function in the app and tell them the bike number, your usage time and the location of the bike. Our customer service will end the rental for you and take care of the unlocked bike.

The return was not recorded. What should I do?

Please report the failed return promptly to our customer service via app feedback, or e-mail ( or the hotline at +49 (0) 341-39283965 and have the bike number, the return location and the actual use time ready. Our customer service will end the rental for you and adjust the rental fees accordingly.

What do I do if there are no more bike racks available at a station?

If all the bike racks at a station are occupied, you can simply park your bike right next to the station and return it there. The bike must be locked with the lock as usual.

How do I recognize an official station?

All stations have bike racks and station signs. In addition, the stations are marked with large markers on the map in the app or on the website (the small markers indicate individual bikes).

Can I park my bike during the rental?

Yes, you can. If the bike has a combination lock, you can easily close it and open it again with the lock code. If the bike has a frame lock, you activate the parking mode in the app and then close the lock (note: if you close the lock before the parking mode is activated, the bike will be returned immediately). To continue cycling, exit the parking mode in the app and the lock will open automatically. Therefore, never exit the parking mode remotely.

How do I return my WinsenRad?

Push the bike into a bike stand at an official station and close the lock. If the bike has a frame lock, close the lock. The bike will be returned automatically. If the bike has a combination lock, return the bike via the app by providing the location.

In all cases, check via the app whether the return was successful and inform customer service if this is not the case.

Customer account

When will I receive my invoices?

Invoices are available for SEPA direct debit only. You can download your invoices after the end of the respective month in your customer account via the website under “Account status”.

Why doesn’t my account remember my PayPal details?

Your PayPal account is probably not verified. For more information please visit PayPal.

Why was my account deactivated?

Probably open sums could not be debited from your bank account or there is no means of payment deposited. Please check this in your customer account and contact customer service if in doubt.

I have discovered an incorrect debit in my customer account, how can I proceed?

Please contact our customer service by phone or email to have incorrect charges corrected. Please provide us with all necessary information about the rental / rate / customer account in order to understand the issue.

The nextbike customer service for WinsenRad can be reached at or +49 (0) 341-39283965.

How much does it cost me to call nextbike customer service?

There is no charge for calling nextbike customer service at +49 (0) 341-39283965. Our call center is located in Leipzig (Germany). Nevertheless, you will only be charged the usual connection fees to the domestic landline network.

How can I contact the customer service?

Generally speaking you can contact our customer service via or +49 (0) 341-39283965.

What happens if my customer account is in the red?

If your account goes into the red because open amounts cannot be debited, your account will be temporarily deactivated until the open amount has been paid. Please check if you have deposited a valid means of payment (e.g. if the validity of your deposited credit card has expired). If we cannot debit your account with EU Direct Debit, we will charge a service fee according to the prices on the website.

How do I pay for nextbike, how is billing done and where can I retrieve the invoices for my trips?

If you have specified a credit card as the payment method, the fees for your trips will usually be debited 24 hours after your rental. With the direct debit payment method, we debit the open fees monthly from your bank account.

You can view your rental history and direct debit invoices in your customer account at any time. Log in via the website. With SEPA direct debit, the invoice can be downloaded after the end of each month.

How can I cancel my account and what happens to my remaining balance?

You can easily cancel your account in your customer account via the website. Log in and click on “Close account”. Any remaining credit on your customer account that has not yet been used will be refunded automatically. There is no proportional refund if the annual rate is cancelled. Alternatively you can send us your cancellation by e-mail to or by post (nextbike GmbH, Erich-Zeigner-Allee 69-73, 04229 Leipzig).

To process your cancellation by e-mail or post, we need your name and the phone number that is linked to your customer account.

How can I change my phone number?

You can easily change your phone number in your customer account on our website Log in, click on “User Settings” and enter your new mobile phone number. Click on “Save changes”. This function is not available in the app. Per customer account only one mobile phone number can be used.


Why do I have to debit 1 € although the registration is free of charge?

To verify your payment method and to activate your account, your bank account will be debited with 1 €. However, this is not a registration fee, but can be used as your starting credit. This 1 € will also be deducted when you change your means of payment, in order to verify the new means of payment.

How can I register?

Register quickly and free of charge via nextbike app or on the website Bikes can be rented via the nextbike app or via the hotline +49 (0) 341-39283965.

How do I activate my customer account?

To activate your customer account, you need to deposit a credit of 1 €. This is for verification purposes of your means of payment only. You can transfer the deposit, pay via PayPal or debit it from your credit card and use it later as starting credit.

After successful debiting via credit card or verified Paypal account, your customer account will be activated immediately. If you make a bank transfer, your account will be activated after two to four days, depending on the bank.